Certified Farmers

Windsor Farmers Market searches for the freshest selection of fruits and vegetables from across Northern California. Sonoma County farmers get first priority, but sometimes the freshest asparagus or the largest peaches come from small farmers who grow in the Sacramento Valley or as far as Modesto. All farmers are certified to grow the produce they sell with the California Ag Commissioners Office.  What does that mean? That means the Ag Commissioner issues a Certified Producers Certificate to each farmer who applies. These certificates will be hung in each farmers Market stall and they list all the produce that is growing on their farm. The Ag Dept. approves each list by visiting the farm and the Market booth to make sure they find the produce listed on certificate growing at the farm.
Find a list of all Farmers who attend the Windsor Market below.


Beet Generation Farm

Seasonally attends Sunday Markets with a full farm assortment of produce.


F & B Farms

Fresh, Frozen, Jams, Jellies and Syrups
Bellagio Family from Healdsburg, CA

Gourmet Growers

Gourmet GrowersA Sonoma County Family Farm

  • Mushrooms – Shitake, Portobello, Cremini, White Button and Oyster
Hectors Honey

Fourth generation Sonoma County Honey Producer with diverse certified produce.

  • Honey
  • Honey with the comb
  • Honey sticks
  • Beeswax Candles
  • Onions, Potatoes and Peppers
Hector and Sandra Alvarez   —   (707) 579-9416
Santa Rosa, Ca.

Fourth generation Sonoma County Honey Producer with diverse certified produce.

Krout's Sunset Ranch

A Windsor Family Farm.

  • Garlic Expert with Green Garlic, Garlic Scaps and 12 types of dried Garlic.
  • Winter Squash, Cooking Pumpkins
  • Melons – Cantalope, Honeydew and Watermelon
  • Summer Squash
  • Potatos, Corn and more.
Rick Krout   —   707-486-6873
Sebastopol, Ca
Website: kroutssunsetranch.com
Neufeld Farms
  • Seasonal Stone Fruits
  • Citrus
  • Berries
  • Dried Fruits and Nuts
    Doing some canning or jam making? Save money and ask Nuefeld Farms for the case price on ripe fruits with imperfections.
Old Ranch Farm Micro-Greens

Old Ranch Farm Micro-Greens – Family owned micro-green farmers


Ortiz Brothers

A 2nd generation Sonoma County Family Farm offering well priced fresh produce to local families.

  • Seasonal Squash and Zucchini
  • Strawberries
  • Herbs – Parsley, Cilantro
  • Hybrid Tomatoes
  • Cabbage, Broccoli and Cauliflower
  • Leeks, Scallions
  • Lettuces, Chard and Kale
  • Potatoes, Cucumbers and more.
Ponce Farms
  • Seasonal Stone Fruits
  • Dried Fruits
  • Berries
Ridgeview Farm

A 6 acre, 3rd Generation Healdsburg Family Farm.
We have been growing and selling at Markets for 38 years now!.

  • Fresh Flower Bouquets – Zinnias, Sweet Peas and more.
  • Assorted unique lettuces
  • Radishes, Herbs
  • Heirloom Apples, Pears and Peaches
  • The sweetest Melons – Cantalope, Watermelons
  • Winter Squash
Renee Kiff   —   (707) 433-9508
Healdsburg, CA
Email: renee.kiff@gmail.com
Russian River Valley Produce

Russian River Valley ProduceA Windsor Family Farm.
Sheri sells her plant starts, whimsical herb pots and haind painted rocks in the Spring time. Then moves to the Certified Section in late summer when her produce comes in.

  • Farm Fresh Eggs
  • Summer Squash
  • Wild Blackberries
  • Heirloom Apples & Pears
  • Figs, Pineapple Guavas
  • Assorted sweet Peppers
  • Herbs
Sheri   —   (707) 696-1936
Healdsburg, CA
Email: rrvpfarms4u@gmail.com
Website: windsorfarmersmarket.com/RRVP.html

Russian River Valley Produce

Sayre Farms

Peggy SayreA Windsor Family Farm that joins the Sunday Markets in the Summer.
Peggy Jo farms with love of the land at her small Windsor Farm. She specializes in searching out the rare and unusual varieties.

  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Fall Squash
  • The sweetest Corn, come early, she sells out.
  • Raspberries
Peggy Sayre
Soda Rock Farms

Soda Rock FarmsA Healdsburg Family Farm.
Specializing in the finest Heirloom Tomatoes in the fall and starts in the spring.

  • Big Rainbow, Purple Cherokee, Pink & Red Brandywine, Lemon Boy, Jubilee, Kelloggs Breakfast, Great White, Green Zebra, Assorted heirloom cherries, San Marzano romas
  • Bottled Marinara Sauce – Heirloom Blend or San Marzano
Spring Hill Jersey Cheese

A dairy farm that makes cheese from their own Jersey cows in Petaluma.

  • Organic Cheeses
  • Organic Butter
Takenoko Farms

A Windsor Family Farm

  • Takenoko Farms is a 2nd Generation farm on Starr Rd. raising Heritage Pork. Young Farmer Jeff Kent and partners use only fresh natural foods, pasture raised, no growth hormones. Roasts, Chops, Bacon, Hams and 10 types of link sausage including Italian Basil Garlic, Bratwurst, Polish and bulk breakfast sausage and chorizo.
Jeff Kent   —   (707) 217-6374
Starr Rd. Windsor, CA
Email: jeff@takenokofarms.com
Tierra Vegetables

Local Windsor/North Santa Rosa Farmers bring their organic produce to Windsor Market.

Produce, dried beans, chili experts with fresh and dried.

Farmstand located on Airport Blvd.

Vivero's Farm

A Watsonville, California Family Farm bringing Organic produce to Market.

  • Organic Strawberries from Watsonville!
  • Organic Raspberries, Blackberries
  • Organic Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Greens.
Winset's West Dry Creek Apples

A Healdsburg Family Farm.
Don joins the Windsor Market in the Fall with a selection of apples from his 2nd generation farm.

  • Jonathans, Fuji, Braeburn, Early Gold, Granny Smith, Rome, Gravensteins, Golden and Red Delicious.
Don & Nancy Winset   —   (707) 433-6145
2571 W Dry Creek Rd. Healdsburg, Ca
Email: royce-a@sonic.net

Preserved Foods

One of the most popular selections of vendors is our Artisan Food Producers, many who are local chefs. These vendors take the beautiful local food ingredients that Sonoma County offers and transforms them into baked goods, sauces, condiments and just about anything they can think of. These items are baked, preserved, fermented, roasted, dried, blended and cured bringing out the magical flavors we crave.  Some items are fresh and need refrigeration like cheeses, sausages, pickled veggies and custard baked goods. Others are preserved to use at your convenience like jams/jellies, sauces, oils, vinegars, dried pastas, teas, dried fruits, nuts, salts and spices.
Find a list of all artisan preserved foods who attend the Windsor Market below.


BakerE – New Bakery at Market in 2021, small pies, cookies, bars, scones, crossaints, brioche


the bakere.co@gmail.com

Big Toe Coffee

Big Toe Coffee

Custom Espresso, Coffee, Teas and Lemonade serving on Sundays in the big Pink Trailer

Bryerton's Roasted Almonds

A Sonoma County Family Business.
William and Rhonda Bryerton offer the freshest almonds roasted, seasoned or fresh off the tree at the Sunday Market in Windsor. Stop in and say hi to this friendly couple.

      • Cinnamon Roasted
      • Smokehouse
      • Natural
      • Visit their website at


BurtoNZ Bakery

BurtoNZ BakeryA Windsor Family Bakery and Cafe.
BurtoNZ’s offers New Zealand style meat hand pies and pastries as well as artisan breads. Find them at both the Sunday and Thursday Night Markets.

  • Sausage Rolls
  • Individual Meat Pies
  • Bars and Pastries
  • Artisan Breads – Salami & Cheese Bread, NZ Rye, Sourdough
California Balsamics

California BalsamicsA Sonoma County Family Food Producer.

  • Specializing in Flavored Balsamics Blueberry, Pomegranate, Apple, California Fig and more
  • Dipping oil & herbs
  • Flavored Olive Oils – Habanero, Garlic, Sweet Onion and more
Thomas L. Allen   —   888-644-5127
966 Mazzoni St. #2B – Ukiah
Email: balsamics@tresclassique.com
Website: www.tresclassique.com
Cavaliere's Bakery

A Windsor Family food producer who also owns Windsor Cafe Noto. Fresh Baked goods, custom desserts and Wedding cakes available through the Cavaliere’s location on Mendocino Ave. in Santa Rosa.
Find them at the Thursday Night Markets.

  • Cake by the Slice
  • Cupcakes
  • Cookies, Brownies, Lemon Bars
  • Macaroons
Wine Country Preserves

Chad serves his handmade soups on Sundays with a different selection each week. Check the day before on Facebook for the list. They are available hot or cold and in single serving to large containers. Try the Coconut Shrimp Curry Bisque!

Fleur Sauvage Chocolates

Fleur Sauvage Chocolates – Robert “Buttercup” Nieto, Chef and owner of Fleur Sauvage Chocolates sells at the Sunday Market. As seen on Food Network’s Candyland, he creates chocolates that are also a work of art. Don’t miss out on the Bee Bar with Hector’s Honey and Peanut Butter inside and the Hot Cocoa Bombs in the winter make great gifts. New Chocolate Shop opened in December 2021 Old Downtown Windsor.

Fruity Moto

Fruity Moto – Smoothies, Acai Bowls, Brunch Toasts and Fruit Drinks

Food Truck comes to Market on Sundays, Visit The Fruity Moto Shop in Windsor on Windsor Rd. or visit the new shop in Santa Rosa across from the SRJC on Mendocino Ave.

Geyserville Gourmet

Geyserville Gourmet is a local family owned food producer. Their family roots come from Eastern Europe and they love to make fermented and probiotic foods. Find them at our Sunday Market.

Greek Table

The Greek Table – amazing selection of Hummus, salads, olives and Mediterranean sauces.


Healdsburg Bagel Co.

Bagels, Bagel Dogs

Heartfed Energy Bites – yummy cookie like nuggets of goodness


Highland International Coffee – Serves Coffee and Drinks on Thursday Nights

Katie’s Pies

Stop and say hi to Shannon at Odin’s Organics. Named after her dog Odin she offers handmade snacks and foods for dogs and cats. If you are looking for a gift for an animal lover, her packaging is perfect for a gift and animals love them!

Red Bird Bakery

Santa Rosa Seafood – Fish Monger selling on Sundays at Market
Fish Market open daily at corner of Petaluma Hill Rd and Santa Rosa Ave in Santa Rosa


Sporgy Mushrooms

Sporgy – Smoked Mushroom Jerky, amazing Mushroom Teas with all kinds of healing properties, Smoked Mushroom Spice for seasoning meats and Bloody Marys, check out this vendor, always something new and interesting to learn about mushrooms and their value to health.


Wine Country Preserves

A Windsor Cottage food producer and owned by Windsor City Council member, Debora Fudge. She makes seasonal fruit jams and jellies that include:

  • Apricot and Santa Rosa Plum Jams
  • Berry Jams, Balsamic Fig and Habanero Strawberry Jams
  • Apple and Pear Butters
  • Pinot Noir Grape Jelly and more!

Great for cooking with or as ingredients for amazing appetizers. Recipe ideas provided at the market. Discounts given for returning jars.

Woodlands Charcuterie

Woodlands Charcuterie – Pate, Rillettes, salami, bacon and specialty charcuterie

Two Dog Night Creamery

Two Dog Night Creamery – Serving fresh handmade ice creams on Thursday Nights, located across for the Town Green, open daily.



Food Vendors

Market Chefs serve al fresco meals to go with Brunch selections on Sundays and dinner and sweet treat choices on Thursday nights. Thursday Night Market offers a gourmet selection of local restaurants and chefs offering foods from many different cultures including Italian, German, Mexican, Hawaiian, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Southern, American BBQ , American Comfort foods and Vegan options.
Find a list of all food vendors who attend the Windsor Market below.

Aunt Betty's Gourmet Corn Dogs

Find them at the Thursday Night Markets
This gourmet corn dog is not your average County Fair corn dog. Regular dogs start with a Foster Farms Chicken Hot Dog and the Cajun Dog is a Louisiana Hot Link. The dogs are dipped in our hand mixed golden batter and deep fried in Canola Oil to a golden brown. You can taste the difference.

Debbie or Gayle Hunter   —   707-996-1857
P.O. Box 3, El Verano, Ca.
Email: gianni3333@gmail.com
Charlies BBQ

We like to think we are “BBQ DONE RIGHT”.
We serve great food at great prices.
Catering Service Available, Call Charlie’s for your next event.
Find them at both the Sunday and the Thursday Night Markets

  • Famous BBQ Chicken Thighs
  • BBQ Tri-Tip & Pulled Pork (Sliders, Salads)
  • Giant Hot Dogs
  • Strawberry Lemonade
Derek / Jimmy   —   (707)-823-0772 / (707)-536-6704
4337 Mayette Ave., Santa Rosa
Email: derekdebruin@gmail.com

Chava’s Pizza – serving handmade pizzas whole and by the slice on Thursdays

Crepes du Jour California – serving authentic French Crepes on most Sundays and on Thursdays


Gerard’s Paella – Serving his fabulous paellas with chicken and shrimp on Thursdays

Just Popped Up! (Pullen Concessions)
  • Kettle CornGourmet Kettle Corn
Mommy's Yammy's

A Sonoma County family food producer and catering company.
They specialize in authentic Eastern European/Russian style cuisine.
Find them at the Thursday Night Markets.

  • Spanikopita
  • Lamb Meatballs in flatbread with salad and yogurt dressing (Also available with falafel balls.)
  • Moussaka and more.

Pacheco’s Roasted Corn – serving roasted corn with all the toppings served on the cob, in a bowl or over a bag of Tostitos on Thursday nights.


Pasta King

Find them at the Thursday Night Markets

  • Fresh Pasta Dinners Marinara & their award winning Pesto, salad & garlic bread A Sonoma County Favorite!

Rose’s Burgers & Brats – Serving on Thursday Nights, fresh burgers and sausages, featuring the Aloha Burger, with fries


The Tamale Factory

Local 4th Generation Tamale Family. Offering traditional and No GMO Organic Tamales on Sundays and Thursdays.

Tisza Bistro owners Krisztian and Alena bring their beautiful Eastern European food to the Sunday and the Thursday Night Markets. Serving brunch on Sundays with Salmon Latkes, Biscuits & Mushroom Gravy and the amazing Schnitzel Sandwich.


Trader Jim’s Pineapple Whip – Just like at Disneyland

Soft Serve fresh pineapple available in assorted sizes and with Pineapple Juice.

Ume Japanese Bistro

Find them at the Thursday Night Markets
A Windsor Family Restaurant

  • Lumpia, Chicken Satay
  • Asian Vegetable Noodles
  • Fresh Sushi Rolls
  • Shu Mai Dumplings
  • Lemonade
Tacos Lemus

A Sonoma County food producer.
Specializing in traditional Mexican cuisine made fresh to order.

  • Giant Taco Salad
  • Burritos and Tacos – Asst meats including Pollo, Carnitas and El Pastor.
  • Horchata and Cucumber Agua Fresca

Artists & Crafters

The Windsor Farmers Market is proud to include a selection of local handmade arts and crafts at the Market each Sunday. Artists come and go in between art shows and open studio days, check our full list of Artists on the Vendor Page following. You will often find each Sunday:  handmade jewelry using beads, stones, sterling silver and semi and precious stones, custom built furniture and home and yard décor made from wine barrels, metal yard art, mosaics, hand thrown pottery, crocheted clothing, table linens, quilts and picnic blankets. Sunday artists use the Market as their studio, buy directly from the artist at the Market or have something custom made. Remember to support these local craftsmen and women when you are buying gifts for family and friends or something new for your home.
See a list of all artists and crafters at the Windsor Market below.

Arbor Bench

Custom made and painted benches, canvas art and more.

Wine Barrel Art & Furniture

A Windsor artist and crafter, Tranquilino Garcia of Art Barrel Creations
High quality custom designed furniture made from cured wine barrels, finished to look like a fine piece of furniture for your home or patio.
Come visit his showroom at the Sunday Markets and take home a new diningroom set.


Carol Bevan Designs makes beautiful aprons and whimsical teepees for kids, she sells bi-weekly on Sundays.

Bruce is a new potter at the Market for 2020, he brings beautiful teapots and tea cups with intricate spouts and handles. The colors are soft blues and greens and have an Asian feel to them. He also creates fun hand cast and painted elves and pumpkins in the Fall. Always eager to talk about his art he sells every other Sunday.

Teresa creates a unique art in her hand dipped flower pots and vases. The colors are beautiful as they swirl around the pot, always different, no two alike. She sells on Sundays and also makes color dipped magnets and ornaments.

Crocheted Creations

A Windsor Artisan

  • Hand crocheted hats, scarves, shawls, purses and more
  • Ask Elizabeth if you need something special made
Elizabeth Galvin-Little   —   707 838-0748
Email: egalvinlittle@gmail.com

Elizabeth brings custom made fabric products to Market each Sunday. You can see her quality in handmade masks, canvas canteens & flasks and more.

Goin Custom Crazy

Windsor custom designer Malenda Hayes can make anything you are looking for. Custom Handmade Cheerleading Bows, custom youth shirts, Custom signs, drinkware and more.

Innovative Fabric Creations

A Windsor artist, crafter and upholsterer.
Specializing in Sunbrella outdoor fabric cushions, pillows and more.
Custom done slipcovers available special order.
Visit Cindy at the Sunday Markets and talk to her about your project.

Kool Gyrl Produce Bags makes handmade and beautifully packed produce bags with a handy carrying bag to keep your produce fresh with no use of plastic bags. Sells on Sundays, bi-weekly

Lady Bug Picnic Blankets sells weekly on Sundays, bringing beautiful easy to carry picnic blankets, dolls and birdbaths.

Moonlight Dichroic Fused Glass Jewelry

sells a couple times a month on Sundays. Beautiful and unique fused glass jewelry pendants and earrings.

Noble Designs

Local Jewelry Artist Joann Noble creates custom jewelry from Sterling silver and assorted metals. There is something for every shopper in every price range.

Patty and Company Hats and Hair Accessories sells on Sundays when she is able to come up to Sonoma County.


There is plenty to look at when you visit the Rainbow Iris Designs booth. Tables filled with crystals, rocks, minerals and more. Janice and Jesse use the stones and rocks in jewelry and other gifts. The rainbow crystals send color spectrums all over as the light hits them. Great for teachers and educators to use in the classroom.

Rose brings her beautiful hand painted rocks to Market on random Sundays throughout the year. They are large and have gorgeous colors with a weather-proof clearcoat. Ask Rose if she can custom make a design for you, they make a great gift.

Sabia Fused Glass Art

A Windsor artist and crafter.
Specializing in fused art glass – jewelry, serving plates and bowls and more.
The gorgeous colors can cheer up any space with reflective light.

Valerie's Art and Gift Cards

Local artist Valerie Pustorino paints colorful watercolor canvas and gift cards.


Zaranna Designs

Local jewelry artist uses mixed media in her designs – beads, stone, leather and more.

Oops The Clown

Find Oops at the Market for Special Events and at the Thursday Night Markets

  • Balloon Characters
  • Face Painting
  • Tattoos
Bob Baker   —   707-696-4854
Santa Rosa, Ca
Email: ooops@sonic.net