Kidz Dig It Club KIDZ BUCKS Program temporarily suspended, we are hoping to be able to distribute BUCKS in the future by email. Anyone holding current KIDZ BUCKS may use them for fresh produce with any farmer during the 2020 season.

The Kidz Dig It Club – where it’s OK to play with your food!

The Kidz Dig It Club at the Windsor Certified Farmers Market was established in 2008 by former Market Manager Glenda Castelli and Market Chef Mei Ibach to teach kids how to make healthy choices in the kitchen. The monthly Kidz Dig It cooking classes are for pre-school age kids up to 12 yrs old. (Kids will use small knives and graters to prepare produce and will be close to food processors and heating sources.) Kids learn how to play with their food and how fun it is to make healthy eating choices. Kids meet their local farmers and see where their food comes from.

New Club members can sign up at Market Info Table by registering with Child’s name, parents name and contact email for monthly cooking class reminders. Club members learn responsibility when they are given a Market Shopping Bag at time of registration. When a child returns to the Market Information Table each week with their bag they receive $2 in Kidz Bucks to spend at the Market on fresh fruits and veggies. Kidz can decorate their bags, color activity sheets and play checkers with a family member each week at the Market eating tables.

Kidz Dig It monthly cooking classes focus on recipes that kids can make themselves using local produce and healthy meats and grains. This gives them healthy alternatives for afternoon snacks. Recipes are available and we encourage parents to keep ingredients in the house that give your child the choice to cook instead of reaching for processed chips and cookies.

A schedule of Kidz Dig It Cooking Classes and Event activities for Kidz is listed below.
Cooking Classes are every 4th Sunday(unless specified) at 11:00 am in the Town Green East Pavilion. Kidz learn to play with their food, meet their farmers and learn where their food comes from. They prepare simple recipes they can cook themselves and then time to munch out!

Instructor Sue McQuiddy – Sue is a Nutritionist at Windsor’s Cali Calmecac Campus, where she runs the school garden project and teaches healthy eating. She will be teaching classes throughout the season with a strong emphasis on nutrition.

Market Staff Instructors  – Market Manager Tina Castelli develops recipes with the help of Sue McQuiddy and local cooks. Class helpers include local volunteers and WHS Culinary students in their Junior and Senior years. Vineyard Academy graduates have gone on to become employed by the Windsor Market as Event and Market assistants.

Kidz Dig It Schedule

We are hoping our KIDZ DIG IT cooking classes and activities will return for 2021 season, more to come.

Kidz Dig It Club KIDZ BUCKS will continue to be distributed to all current members, no new members will be signed up until cooking classes return. Thank you.

Zucchini Car Specs

The Windsor Market Raceway is a custom built wooden gravity track, built for the Market by Thiessen Construction carpenters in 2001. The track has 4 lanes and is 25′ long. The cars begin perched in their lanes against pegs 3′ above the ground. When the pegs are released, the cars drop down the track and and coast to the finish line. The driver places the car on the pegs and then runs to the finish line to catch their car. The race is a double-elimination, best out of 3 for each heat. That means each car races a minimum of 6 times. Trophies for all car builders, ribbons and Market Bucks for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Car Designer Award to Best car design. Watch event information for race times and potential car building workshops.

1. Car can be made out of a Zucchini or Summer Squash.

2. Axles of car must travel through the Squash(s). (A squash sitting on wheels is not permitted.)

3. Car can be a maximum of 11″ wide to fit in the lanes.

4. Car can be a maximum of 20″ long to travel down steep gravity track.

Hints: Choose tires that don’t cause friction,

use a straw shape rod through the squash first to allow axle to spin freely inside,

check that car rolls as straight as possible and make sure base is wide enough to support squash.